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Insurance and

We advise policyholders and beneficiaries, whether natural or legal persons, in:


  • Maritime, air, land and multimodal transport insurance. 

  •  Local and export credit insurance.

  • Civil liability insurance (employer, medical, professional, environmental, among others), loss of benefits. 

  • General merchandise insurance. 

  • Advice on granting and modification of Policies

  • Advice on claims settlement process and settlement challenge. 

  •  Local and international contact and coordination Survey reports. 

  • Drafting Settlements, Subrogation Receipts, LoU, among other documents. 

  • Advice on expert reports, party experts, opinions and challenges. 

  • Litigation in Insurance before ordinary and arbitration courts. 

  •  Defense of the Insured and Insurer before the Financial Market Commission.

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