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Fernando Olavarría Jimenez


Fernando is a lawyer in the area of International Trade, Transportation Law, Customs and Insurance at Legal Export and before Durán y Cia Abogados since 2021.


Advises exporters, importers, companies in the logistics and air transport sector, among others.


He has participated in various ship bonding processes, claims and arbitrations in insurance and maritime cases, highlighting within his recent experience:


  • Insurance due diligence process for various exporters in the fruit sector, analyzing their transport, credit, and civil liability insurance policies, among others.


  • Bonding of ships for seven importers against a Chinese shipowner, obtaining guarantees for an amount of USD 8.3 million, negotiation of guarantees.


  • Advice to a renowned company in the aeronautical sector in its processes before the National Customs Service,  re-export of aircraft and their parts.


  • Authorization of Free Customs Warehouse (DFA) before the National Customs Service for various clients.


  • Authorization of Extra-port Precincts before the National Customs Service for recognized clients in the logistics sector.


Featured Practice Areas



Adolfo Ibanez University

Diploma in Customs Law

Andres Bello University

Diploma in Law of the Sea and Maritime

Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

  • Maritime Law.

  • Aeronautical Law.

  • Customs law.

  • Insurance.

  • International Trade.

Before working at Legal Export, Fernando was a lawyer for the Ministry of Public Works (2019 to 2021), Ovalle Consejeros Legales (2018), Legaltec – Estudio Carvallo (2017-2018)


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