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Rafael Durán Sanhueza


Rafael is the founding partner of the office. He has 20 years of experience advising clients in the import, export, port, logistics, services, aeronautical, and transportation sectors, among others.


He specializes in international trade, Transportation, Port, Customs, Insurance, and Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Law.


He has been recognized as one of the best lawyers in his specialty, having participated, as an expert, in the legislative modification of various regulations governing matters of his specialty. He has been a reporting lawyer for the World Bank in its Annual Report on Agriculture "Enabling the Business of Agriculture"


He is currently  Vice President of the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law for Chile.


He is a professor at the ITAM Maritime Law Diploma in Mexico and has been a visiting professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.


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Adolfo Ibanez University

Master's Degree in Law

Heidelberg and Chile Universities in Investment, Trade and Arbitration.

Diploma in Customs Law

Finis Terrae Universities

  • International Trade.

  • Maritime Law.

  • Transport insurance, credit, civil liability.

  • Litigation and Arbitration,

  • Customs law.

  • Port Law

  • contractual disputes

  • Law School.

  • Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law.

  • AIDA Chile, Chilean Association of Insurance Law.

  • Liability of the carrier for delay in the transport of goods and especially in the rules of Hamburg. Commercial and Maritime Law Yearbook - Year 2009 No. 1

  • The basis or grounds of the carrier's liability within the Rotterdam rules. Commercial and Maritime Law Yearbook - Year 2010 No. 2.

  • Application of forum selection clauses, public order and other considerations. Commercial and Maritime Law Yearbook - Year 2012 No. 4

  • "The Jurisdiction within Maritime Law and the Rotterdam Rules" in Commercial Law Studies (Ed. María Fernanda Vásquez P.) Editorial Legal Publishing, 2011.

  • "On the obligations of means and results and the nature of the liability of the carrier in general and of the maritime transporter in light of Book III of the Chilean Commercial Code", published in the Chilean Magazine of Commercial Law, number 2, Year II, Faculty of Law U. de Chile, (pp. 143-165).

  • The scope of application of the rules on carrier liability in international air transport. Comment on the ruling of the Supreme Court (Role 1501-08), published in

  • "Scope, application and the multimodal nature of the Rotterdam rules regarding totally or partially maritime transport", published in

  • "The beneficiary of life insurance and the stipulation in favor of another", published in

  • The legal classification of atypical contracts and the criteria exercised by the Supreme Court. Comments on the ruling handed down in "Chilena Consolidada SA con Servicios Integrados de Transporte", published in

  • Notes on the insurance of property damage caused by earthquake and other related, published in

  • “Simplified Procedure and Monitoring in the Chilean Criminal Procedure Code”, Editorial Librotecnia, March 2008, 285 pages.

  • “The immediate resolution of article 395 of the Criminal Procedure Code”, Criminal Justice Magazine, number 3, Editorial Librotecnia, November 2008, pp. 139-168.


+56 9 9969 1153

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