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Natural resources
and waters

In Natural Resources we advise our clients linked to the productive sectors with particular emphasis on Water Law, Mining, Land and  among others.


  • Improvement of water titles, in order to adjust them to the new regulations established in connection with the reform of the Water Code.

  • Regularization of water use rights not registered in the Water Property Registry of the competent Real Estate Registrar, but which have been used by the respective holder or his predecessors since time immemorial.

  • Defenses to individuals or User Organizations for control procedures followed by the General Directorate of Water.

  • Study, drafting, preparation, presentation and monitoring, both before the General Directorate of Water and in the Courts of Justice, of changes in the collection point; transfers of water use rights: changes of supply source; channel modification; modification of intakes or construction of hydraulic works.

  • Provide comprehensive advice on all types of matters related to the right of Water to Water Communities; Canal Associations or Surveillance Boards.

  • Filing of complaints and inspection requests in favor of a specific individual or User Organization, in order to protect the interests of our clients.

  • Defenses both in the administrative stage and in Courts in patents for non-use of water use rights.

  • Filing or defense in water protection before the Courts of Justice, in case there are works that hinder the use of water use rights in a certain place.

  • Filing or defenses in Protection Appeals before the Superior Courts of Justice

  • You deliver solutions, giving our advice to Sanitarias y Aguas Potable Rural.  and follow-up on procedures.

  • Advise an individual on everything related to processing, studying and obtaining a mining concession in a certain place, in order to protect the interests of our clients.

  • Provide advice on everything related to contracts, easements and mining operations.

  • Provide comprehensive advice on everything related to the exercise of a mining right already established in a certain place.

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