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Given our experience and knowledge, we seek and choose, together with our clients, the best legal tools to develop their businesses with an emphasis on the agri-food, transport and international trade sectors in general. We advise on:


  • The entire process of constitution, modification, transformation of companies, choosing the most convenient corporate form.

  • Development and accompaniment in a society.

  • Modification of the regime of administration of a company.

  • Structuring of family businesses.

  • Ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings.

  • Board sessions.

  • Contracts of all kinds related to the production, export of all kinds of products specializing in fruit and vegetables and perishables.

  • Advances and their regulation.

  • Contracts with emphasis on export contracts in the fruit and vegetable sector. Marketing agreements under regulation PACA, COFREUROP among others.

  • Opening of Agencies, Commercial Representations, among others.  

  • Export financing, be it bank or receivers, adequately regulating the requested guarantees.

  • Registration of contracts.

  • Pledges, mortgages and guarantees in general including UCC 1.

  • title studies.

  • Corporate Due Diligence

  • Reorganization of liabilities and Liquidation.

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