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Customs and
Tax Law

In Customs and Tax Law we provide preventive and judicial advice, in all aspects that an importer, exporter or intermediary company requires.


We also advise various Customs Agencies on regulatory compliance, inspections and other related aspects. In general, Legal Export delivers:

  • Customs and Tax preventive advice. 

  • Single Exit Documents, Value Variation Reports (IVV), Entry and Exit of goods in general in relation to Customs compliance. 

  • Procedures in Customs and Tax Law. 

  • Corporate Customs and Tax Law. 

  • Customs and Tax Litigation. 

  • Courier Precincts, Ports and Extra-port, Aeronautical Free Warehouses. 

  • Tax effects of corporate modifications.

  • Tariff measures and those associated with bilateral or multilateral agreements. 

  • Family businesses, services, logistics, fruit producers and exporters and tax effects.

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