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Barco mercante

Maritime, Port and Transport Law

Legal Export has a long history advising companies of all kinds on matters related to maritime law,  transport in general and port law. 

Our specialty is advising producers,  exporters,  importers, courier companies,  logistics,_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ port and extra-port. We have correspondents throughout Chile, which has allowed us to successfully advise our clients throughout Chile. We also have correspondents abroad, which allows us to have the necessary vision that cases related to other jurisdictions require. In particular:

  • Transportation contracts, vessel leasing, chartering, by time and by trip, volume contracts, and maritime transport of merchandise under the bill of lading or similar documents; yacht charter contracts.

  • Logistics and transport intermediation contracts, freight forwarders. 

  • Trials and arbitrations in transportation contracts, cargo claims, charters, among others. 

  • Ship attachments, granting of guarantees, fact-checking measures and other preliminary measures. 

  • Passenger, pilotage, towing, port contracts and  agency. 

  • Accidents in Navigation. Administrative Summary Investigations (ISA), pollution,  collisions, salvage, towing, general average, constitution, challenge of limitation of liability. 

  • Port and extra-port accidents. 

  • Letters of Guarantee or Letters of Undertaken. 

  • Sanctioning administrative files: marine pollution, stowaway. 

  • Patrimonial liability procedures of the Public Administrations in maritime and port matters.

  • Shipping and Port Fraud.

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